Search Instructions:

There are four types of searches that can be done at the MRG. They are:

Name Searches

Every gene (ORF) in the MRG has a variety of names, or identifiers, associated with it. The names include the standard name and symbol for the the gene (eg, protamine1 and Prm1). Also included in the names are the identifiers for various other databases and naming schemes, including the MGI ID, NCBI Locus name, Genbank accession number, SwissProt ID, and Unigene cluster ID. The first search on the search page allows you to search by these names and identifiers. All types of identifiers are searched simaltaneously, so for example a search on the string 'xyz' would return all genes that had 'xyz' as part of any of their identifiers. The default behaviour for this search is to return any gene that has an identifier containg the search string, but by clicking the 'Exact Search' radio button it is possible to require that an exact match be made.

Text Searches

The 'Text Search' is a broader search than the 'Name Search'.

This search looks through the comments and the abstracts of papers that have been submitted in association with different genes. The comments are submitted by various users as part of our data collection process, and represent a short description of the gene, its function, or processes that it may be involved in.

This search will also look through the abstracts of all literature articles submitted to the MRG. When a scientist makes a submission to the MRG, she is required to provide the Pubmed IDs of papers supporting information that she provides, as one means of insuring that our data is accurate.

Expession Profile Searches

This search can be used to search for genes that are expressed at a specific time or place. For instance, you may search for genes expressed in a certain cell types, or at specific times in the development or lifetime of the organism. As with all of our searches, the data searched is the sum of submissions made to the MRG to date.

Clicking on the 'Expression Search' button will cause a pop-up browser window to appear. This window has a collection of list-boxes and checkboxes that allow you to choose the time and location of expression that you like. Additionally, you can choose between RNA and Protein expression. The results will appear in the main browser window.

To search for a specific expression time or location, use the listboxes displayed in the window. These are multiple-entry listboxes, meaning that many items can be selected. In order to search on a range of times, select all the items in the listbox correspoding to the range you are interested in. The ranges need not be continuous.

Phenotype Searches

Clicking on the 'Phenotype Search' button causes the Phenotypes search window to appear. Phenotypes in the MRG are organized into a tree-like hierarchy; descending the tree leads to more specific phenotypes.

In the phenotype tree, each link leads to a list of genes that have been associated with a phenotype at or below the level of the link. For example, suppose a gene as been associated with

Other notes about searching

Boolean searching, that is, searching with phrases that contain 'AND', 'OR', and 'NOT', is not yet implemented on this site.